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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  November 10, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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breaking news tonight. the images coming in right now of a a deadly ane crash. the business jet slamming into an american neighborhood, bursting into flames. emgency teams on the scene. there are multiple deaths. also tonight, the big debate. ben carson, already saying no candidate has ever faced this kind of scrutiny. donald trump now taking aim at what carson describes as his own violent past. >> if you try and hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. also ahead, the officers now off the street. police launching an investigation after seeing this video. using tasers and then a baton to target students. this question tonight -- is america owed 11 olympic medals? the russians accused of cheating. did russian agents cover it all up? and t black friday deals revealed already tonight. and it turns out, you can order
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own home. good evening. and we begin tonight with the horrific scene that played out today i in ohio. the imagess sti coming in tonight, a small jet smashing into a neighborhood, right into an apartmentbuilding. eruptingnto flames. the deadly crash happened near akron, ohio. the fire ball eruptingththere, mraums of black smoke, ambulances and firefighters rushing to the scene. ohio state police now confirming tonight, there were no survivors on the plane. at least two killed. but authoriti are warning that number could, in fact, rise. and investigators say it could have been even worse. incredibly, no one was inside thoer apartments. abc's david kerley with the stunned eyewitnesses, some of whom were recording on their phones when the plane crashed right beside them. >> reporter: smoke and fire. and the mome of this crash, seen in the face of a neighbor, who says she was video chatting. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: the small jet slamming into that apartment.
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>> we have a plane into a house. heavy fire, we have a lots of wires down. >> it just blew up, and it just sounded like gunfire going off. >> he you found the plane? >> yeah, i believe the plane is, it's in the brush. >> reporter: two buildings on the ground damaged by the debris and fire. >> it was disintegrated. it just was gone. i mean, you could see the engine. >> reporter: the hawker 25, which can carry ten passengers, was on a flight from dayton to akron. but just a bit more than a mile from the airport, the jet goes down, killing the pilot and co-pilot. the fire from the crash, intense. witnesses believe the jet was having engine trouble. >> you just don't think a plane would drop in a residential area likeke this. this is crazy. >> reporter: police say no one was in the damaged apartments. no injuries or fatalities on thehe ground. well, we know the pilot and co-pilot were killed. there are conflflicting reports about those ten seats. were there any passengerers? and we don't have an answer about that tonight, david, but we do know, no distress call, no
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may day call from this aircraft. >> all right, abc's david kerley leading us off. he'll stay on this throughout the night. david, thank you. the other major story tonight, of course, the race for 2016,, and debe night here in america. theepublicans taking the stage, eight contenders made the t this time, instead of the ten we saw in the last debate. and here's where the race stands right now. the new poll shows dr. ben carson and donald trump neck and neck. marco rubio in third, ted cruz, jeb bush tied behind them. and tonight, many eyes on ben carson, facing qstions about his own life story. when he said he nearly attacked his own mother and when he stabbed his friend. carson saying no candidate has faced this kind of scrutiny. and trump wasting no time. abc's tom llamas with the fiery words already. >> reporter: tonight, the debate stage is set. the focus, the ecomy. but right now, all the talk is about dr. ben carson. the retired neurosurgeon defending his life story, particularly his claim that as a teen with a temper, he tri to stab a friend.
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carson often talks about his violent youth, including the time he sails he tried to hit his mother with a hammer. >> picked up a hammer, went to hit her in the head with it. my brother caught it from behind. >> reporter: but carson says he overcame his anger, finding god. >> if you try and hit your mother over the held with a hahammer you poll numbers go up. this is a strange election, isn't it? man. you stab somebody, and the newspapers say you didn't do it. and you say, yeyes, did, i did it. if they said i didn't do it, i'd be so happy. this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody, what are we coming to? >> reporter: this morning on "gma," trump at it again. >> you know, i try to figure out what's going on here. you h somebody in the face with a lock. you go after your mother with a hammer. >> reporter: carson says he's
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being investigated more than any other candidate, including president obama, even though obama faced questions over his birth certificate for years. >> i do not remember this level of scrutiny for one president barack obama when he was nning. in fact, i remember just the opposite. >> reporter: as the front-runners tangle, jeb bush and senator marco rubio are competing to be the republican alternative to the outsiders. are you excited about the debate tomorrow? >> looking forward to it. >> reporter: bush needs a comeback, after his last debate performance, where he attacked his close friend, senator rubio, for missing senate votes. > marco, when you sigd up for this, this was a six-year term. and you should be showing up to work. >> reporter: but rubio was ready for the attack. >> the only reason why you're doing it now is because we're running for theame position and someone's convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> tom llamas in the hall tonight. we're going tohear the names ben carson, donald trump tonight. but i hear they are getting other names, as well, at this hour. >> reporter: that's right, david. the secret service will start
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protecting donald trump and dr. ben carson later this week. we learned trump's code name is going to be mogul. i'm sure he appreciates that. and dr. ben carson's name is going to be eli. now, eli is, obviously, a byly call name and a nickname for students who g go to ye and that's where dr. ben carson did some of his undergraduate work. david? >> tom llamas, thank you. let's bring in jon karl, code name chief white house correspondent. >> thank you very much. > eight podiums instead of ten. chris christie and mike huckabee didn't make the cut. u say the biggest opening and perhaps the biggest stakes tonight, for jeb bush. >> yeah, no doubt. donald trump is center stage polls. jeb bush has moved further and further out with each debate. he's one step away from the very edge of the debate. the last debate was devastating for him. he has a chance to turn it around tonight. him. it's on policy issues. if jeb bush cannot break through tonight, it is hard to imagine
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where he does break through. this, david, is aslose to a do or die momen for jeb bush as you can get. >> and he's acknowledged to you, he needs to get better. jon, thank you. meantime, a lightning rod issue during the debates, what to do about immigration. tonight, president obama vowing to fight after a maj setback for his immigration plan. an appeals court in new orleans ruling against the president's plan, which would offer work permit to as many as 5 million undocumented workers, protecting many from deportation. 26 states now joining forces to challenge the president's plan, claiming it was an abuse of his executive powers. tonight, the justice department vowing to take the fight all the way to the supreme court. a new headline tonight on the massive data breach. authorities calling it the rgest theft of consumer data ever from a u.s. bank. three suspects accused of stealing personal information from more than a dozen financial firms, including jpmorgan chase. accessing information from more than 100 million customers. the hacking dating back to 2012. now, to three police
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the officers with the does ss off the street tonight. they're under investigation after this video surfaced, showing them using tasers and batons to arrest three college students. and you're about to see what led up to this. bbc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas with the video and what the police chief is now calling a black eye for his department. >> let go of him. >> reporter: you are watching a confrontation between police and univsity of alabama students that sparked an investigation into possible excessive force. it reflects the new "caught on tape" world that may change policing. >> is hehe being aested or detained? >>e's under arrest. for what? >> reporter: police had been called to the apartment after complaints about loud noise. as the encounter unfolds, the students immediately whip out cell phones and start recording from multiple angles. cell phones rolling, the students assert their rights, questioning the officer's authority. >> do you have a warrant? >> i don't have to have a
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warrant. >> reporter: finally, all hell breaks loose. the officers grab one student, pushing m outside. he's tased and beaten with a baton. a screaming female student is also dragged out, cell phone rolling. >> i just really hope this is all o video. >> i don't give a [ bep ]. >> reporter: when it's all over, the students post the video on video. d the chief of tuscaloosa took action, today naming the officers. >> once i staed receiving the videos, and watching what occurred, i was deeply disturbed by it and disappointed. >> pierre, in addition to the witnesses recording it all there, officers had body cameras? >> reporter: we're told they did. and that police are reviewing the footage. it is unclear if that video will help or hurt the officers, david. >> pierre thomas live in washington. pierre, thank you. tonight, the tsa is now saying they made a mistake in their handling of a scare at the airport in miami overnight. police boarding an american airlines flight, shortly before takeoff, ordering passengers to put their hands in the air.
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that plane was evacuated after a passenger, it turned out to be a dentist, raised suspicions with his carry-on bag. it was later revealed he was carrying dental equipment. tonight, the tsa conducting a review of the incident. breakining newsn that mystery in texas. tonight, a person of interest now in custody in the case of the veteran judge, ambushed outside her home, shots fired in her driveway. tonight, the person of interest is behind bars, charged in a separate, unrelated murder. but the leading they ary, that the judge was targeted, because of one of her cases. tonight, abc news has learned that the person of interest was due to appear in her court next month. >> investigators absolutely believe that thessault was an attempt to murder her, an attempt on h her life. >> police say they are searching for others who may have been involved. we turn now the extreme weather tonight. powerful srms slamming the west. 20 million in the storm zone, as this moves eastward. hail, drenching rain from san francisco to fresno.
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snow until sparks, nevada. a treacherous drive home there. nowthat system on the move, anand here's the map tonight. winter weather and wind alerts from california to indiana. tornadoes, damagaging winds possible in the heartland. des moines, oria, st. louis all in the bulls eye. let's get right to ginger zee, pulling double duty for us tonight. where are we watching? >> reporter: that storm is digging in, tonight from utah to colorado. you'll see, by tomorrow morning, denver gets three to f five inches. gusts up to 60 miles per hour, just east of there, so, visibility to near zero. that is the cold and windy side. the warm and stormy side is what concerns me about tomorrow afternoon and evening. specifically in the areas that you see highlighted in orange here. so, des moines to pierre ya, you mentioned. but anywhere from illinois down to shreveport, including little rock, could see damaging wind, isolated hail and tornadoes. finally, chicago, by thursday morning, gusts up to 50. you could see power outaged there. >> all right, gger zee with us. ginger, thank you. now, to the war of words
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over allegations of an olympic scandal. accusations of an elaborate doping system, helping russian athletes cheat their way to the medal stand at the olympics. tonight, the russian president calling the claims, quote, groundless, amid new groundless. and the stunning number, as many as 11 americans that could pick up medals if the russian athletes are strippedd of theirs. here's abc's matt gutman with one of those athles. >> reporter: when two russian runners ss blazed past her in the 2012 olympics in london, alicia mon tan owe knew something was wrong. you nigh they were doping? >> i wasas aware that it was a very, very, very, very high possible. >> reporter: now that scathing report from the world andy doping agency, accusing the russians of widespread state-sponsored doping. even a coverup by russian secret agents. tonight, the international
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olympic committee calling for disciplinary proceedings against all athletes, coaches and officials named in the report. the u.s. medal count could be upgraded by 11 medals if the russiansns aretripped of theirs. have you ever doped? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: never taken anything? >> never. i won't even take an aspirin. >> reporter: remember that 800 meter race? montano could be awarded that bronze medal. and something far more precious. >> you know, in 2012, my grandma was her and she's not here anymore. she'll never see that vindication. >> reporter: but montano might. she's training for the 2016 games. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks toatt tonight. and now to an american original, cheerios, under fire tonight. the new lawsuit, claiming a new version of the classic, with more protein, has a lot more of something else, as well. here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> power up, with new cheer yoeps protein.
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>> reporter: the breakfast staple, today sued by the center for science in the public interest. alleging new cheerios protein misleads customers. >> if it has more protein, i would look at it. >> reporter: good selling point, bucspi says, cheerios protein oats and honey has only a "smidgen" more protein and much more sugar. >> you're getting a little more protein but it's not worth the price of four teaspoons more sugar. >> reporter: here are the cspi numbers. for the same 200 lories, regular cheerios has 6 grams of proteins. cheerios protein, 6.7 grams. but look at the sugearsugar. regular cheerios, just 2 grams, while cheerios protein oats and honey hahas a whopng 16 grams. more sugar than every other cheerios. general mills says its label is accurate. "an equal amount of cheerios protein contains 18% more protein by weight than original cheerios" and is "a good source of high-quality protein under the fda standard." jim avila, abc news, washshington. >> jim, thank you. up next here tonight, long before black friday, the deals
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we are about to attend the funeral for black friday. now, it is a black month of discounts. >> repor best buy announcing today that eight of its black friday deals are already available for purchase. one of this year's main attractions, bundling. free gift cards with purchase, li a $250 gif card if you buy the new samsung galaxy phone. at walmart, the sales have already been running since the day after halloween. target, for the first time ever, launch, ten days of black friday bargains, startrting ging the sunday before thanksving. shoppers will be able to preorder their doorbusters and also get some of those bundles, like this $100 gift card if you buy an apple watch. >> this year, stores are more despere an ever. sign up for newsletter, follow them on twitteter. u will be astoshed, the discounts that will come out. >> reporter: so, how doou know if that deal is really a deal? well, as a rule of thumb, look for at least 30% off or make sure it's bundled with that free gift card.
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breaking news tonight. new york's attorney general taking aim at two of the largest daily fantasy football websites in america. labeling draft kings and fan duel as websites for illegal gambling. both companies were sent cease and desist letters late today, barring them from operating in the state. fan duel responding, saying fantasy sports are games of skill and are legal under new york state law. and the big fall tonight down the side of a snowy mountain in alaska. a professional skier filming a movie, tumbling 1,600 feet. and when he comes up for air, finall listen to what he said. >> i'm okay! i'm okay! >> capturi it himself on camera. and we'relad he's okay tonight. and when we come back, the hug for a young american woman and her incredible journey. to receive it, prince harry
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as we honor our veterans this week, bob woodruff's e stand up for heroes, tonight. and right here now, a young woman who will be on that stage. >> my name is christy. i was a sergeant in the unid states marine corps. >> reporter: an aerial gunner at just 17, six years into afghanistan, look at her face there. christy's helicopter crash-land d. she suffered multiple injuries, one o of her legs crushed, part o of her jaw destroyed. 38 operations. >> from the top of my head, all the way down through my lower left leg. it's been a long road to recovery. >> reporter: and just listen to how it started. >> i had no jaw. i had no teeth. i could not communicate to my family.
5:58 pm
month, she took on an epic 1,000-mile walk. across england, scotland, wales, with other wounded warriors. >> i realize, you know, i gained the motivation from watchihing the people aund me. >> reporter: raisingoney for charity, and ourob woodruff with his camerara, asking her about another feat. she's now a paralimb peel yan. >> you had never gone snowboarding before you were wounded and now, in the world of paralympics, you are number five in the world. >> yeah, i'm ranked fifth. >> reporter: ranked fifth. and 72 days after shell began this journey, the children waiting, andnd so s prince harry. patron of the expedition. >> i'moing this for them, honoring the fallen and helping raise awareness for the wounded veterans. >> incredible. and we honor all of ourteam and we start with your forecast first." brad/wx wall today turned out pretty nice with just enough sunshine in central iowa to push us into the lower 60s while most other areas of the state only reached the 50s. clouds will be increasing overnight as a strong storm system moves closer to us wednesday. this energetic low
5:59 pm
pressure system will likely produce some severe weather wednesday in southern iowa and missouri, so we will be watching it closely. look for scattered showers and storms to increase over iowa during the morning hours wednesday with the strongest storms likely to move through the metro between 11am and 4pm. there will be the threat for some hail, highs winds and even some isolated tornadoes with these fast-moving storms. it will be windy wednesday, but even windier that night with wnw winds gusting up around 50 mph! the strong winds will continue into thursday and friday with much cooler temperatures. however, the weather will turn around just in time for the weekend with lots of sunshine and 50s saturday and 60s sunday! jack: also coming up on local five news at six... a chance for you to speak on the bakken pipeline. what you need to know ahead of time. stephanie: plus... fast food workers getting political. why they took to the streets to persuade your vote. jack: and a little later -- a big surprise for iowa women serving our country and planning a trip down the aisle. "local 5 news at 6 in hd starts now. we are iowa" stephanie/2ram good evening. welcome to local 5 news i'm stephanie angleson. jack/2ram and i'm jack miller. thanks for joining us. it's a big week for iowans wanting to share their opinion on the bakken pipeline -- with hearings starting
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